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Save $10 on Amazon By Changing Payment Settings to a Citi Card (Targeted)

Right now is offering some lucky shoppers $10 off an eligible Amazon purchase just by changing their one-click purchase setting to a Citi issued card. I’ve gotten this bonus a number of times in the past, so when I saw the banner in my own Amazon account this morning, I was thrilled to save another $10. At first, after clicking on the link, it told me I was not eligible for the promotion. However, as soon as I changed my one-click settings…

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Discounted Retailer Gift Cards Available Now on Amazon

With graduations and Father’s Day on the horizon, we are seeing some brand new discounted retailer gift cards available via Amazon! Some of these retailer gift cards are ones we don’t frequently see on the discounted gift card line-up.  As one example, if you want to stick a $50 Chipotle gift card in your graduate’s wallet before they head off to college, you can grab one right now for just $40. Discounted Retailer Gift Cards on Amazon: Spend $50, Get…

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Today’s Discounted Gift Cards on Amazon

Amazon increased the number of discounted retailer gift cards available today, so if you are in the market for a discounted gift card, here is what is available on Amazon right now. Note that most of these should be available at least all of today, though the first two are limited quantity so they could sell out at any point. Children’s Place $50 gift card for $40 Stub Hub $50 gift card for $40 Petco – Get $10 off a $50 gift card…

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