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5 Things to Know About the Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead

While attending this fascinating conference about co-branded credit cards, I stayed for the first time at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead where the conference was taking place. I know the hotel probably isn’t super high on the list of family vacation hotspots, so I won’t delve into an overly detailed review of the property, but instead I will share five things you should know about the Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead in case you ever find yourself considering that property in the…

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What I Learned from a Room Full of Banks and Loyalty Programs

I live, breathe, and occasionally eat miles, points, loyalty programs, and credit card rewards, but usually from the perspective either as a consumer myself, or from the perspective of sharing information about those programs with other consumers…i.e. all of you nice enough to stop by this site. However, I spent the last couple of days at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead at the Co-brand Card Partnerships Conference, and boy was it interesting. Very rarely am I in a room full of those…

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