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Finding Premium Cabin Award Seats to Australia for a Family

A “big trip” that has been our radar for years now is a trip to Australia and New Zealand.  It’s the type of far-away destination that we didn’t realize was a realistic family vacation choice for our budget until we were fully immersed in the world of miles, but ever since then it has been toward the top of the destinations we discuss every year, and yet we still haven’t been. The timing was bad for us when United loaded…

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Award Advocate Booking Service

award advocate

One type of email I get regularly is from families looking for help booking award trips using the miles and points they have accumulated.  I do my best to answer some basic redemption questions, and will sometimes turn those questions into post ideas if I think the answer might benefit a larger number of people, but I unfortunately don’t have the time to do detailed award searches, or run my own award booking service. Thankfully, there are others who do…

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