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A Win for Families: American AAdvantage Accounts Again Trackable via Award Wallet

If February 2012 I wrote a pretty grumpy post about American Airline’s decision to no longer allow Award Wallet users to track their AAdvantage accounts using that service.  Traveling families who are savvy in the world of miles and points probably have many accounts with many companies and reward programs.   Multiply that by many family members and you have a logistical challenge in keeping up with the number of miles in accounts, expiration dates, etc.  Award Wallet helps simplify that…

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Negative Changes Come to Some of My Favorite Award Programs

We all like positive changes to award programs much better than negative “enhancements”, but there are a couple negative changes I want to mention that have recently impacted two of my favorite award programs – Hyatt and United. Hyatt Eliminates “Platinum Extra Awards”: About a week ago Hyatt announced that they would be discontinuing the Platinum Extra Awards that were given after every third eligible stay every calendar year for Platinum members.  Platinum is the mid-tier elite level that was…

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Families are the Biggest Loser in the Delta & Award Wallet Break-up

Many of us know that Award Wallet really simplifies managing miles and points accounts.  If I used just one hotel and airline program then I could easily keep an eye on those balances without the help of any program, but the reality is I have points in dozens of programs.  I know the same is true for many readers of this blog.  Even if I was just responsible for my own programs, that would still be a lot to keep…

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