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Purchase Discounted Universal Studios Hollywood Express Tickets Today

Today is Day One of this year’s Daily Getaways sale, brought to us by the US Travel Association. If you aren’t familiar with this sale, it is an annual event with one new travel package being made available each weekday for five weeks. Some of the deals are pretty great and end up being so popular that getting the chance to purchase one is like winning the lottery as demand outpaces supply. Some deals aren’t as great or are available in…

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Eight Sneak Peeks of Colorful Palm Springs

Probably like most other business travelers, when I travel to conferences or meetings, I don’t always get out of the hotel very much. For conferences like the one I was at last week, I usually don’t pick the destination or the hotel, and instead just fly in, do my job, squeeze in online work where possible, and then fly home to get back to my family as quickly as possible. My boarding pass my say I’m going somewhere cool, but…

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