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Increased $500 Cash Back Sign-Up Bonuses Available

I don’t write a whole lot about Capital One credit cards for a number of reasons, mainly being that their points are fixed value points which aren’t usually my favorite, they are known for pulling your credit from all three credit bureaus when you apply for a card (most just pull from one), and their sign-up bonuses aren’t always that exciting. Well, I can’t do much about the first two points, but right now they do have some increased sign-up…

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Capital One Venture Rewards Card – Sign-Up Increased to $500 in “Free” Travel!

in 2011 and 2012 one of the most popular rewards card sign-up bonuses was the 100,000 “mile” sign-up bonus from the Capital One Venture Rewards Card.  They would give you up to 100,000 “miles” as a sign-up bonus if you showed you had that many in another program (which wasn’t that hard).  They didn’t run that program in 2013, and we haven’t seen a big sign-up bonus for this card since that time, at least not publicly.  However, the sign-up…

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Potentially Use “No Hassle” Points for the US Airways Share Miles Promo

Through the end of October there is a potentially very lucrative promotion with US Airways where you are given a 100% bonus when sharing miles with another US Airways account.  There is a cost for sharing miles, so in some ways it helps to think of this as a “buying miles” promotion.  The cost to share miles is 1.135 cents per mile, but you then get a 100% mileage bonus for the account you are sharing the miles into, so…

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100,000 Points Capital One Venture Promo Launched

This is a good news/bad news situation.  The good news is that the Capital One Venture card 100,000 point promo is indeed back, but the bad news is that for many of us it won’t be quite as lucrative as last year.  Turns out that most of the rumors are true – in order to earn the full 100,000 points, you must have spent $50,000 on a single “travel rewards” credit card in 2011.  You will then be awarded 2x…

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The Capital One 100K Offer – It’s Coming Back, but in What Form?

For months we have been hearing rumors that the famed Capital One 110,000 point offer from 2011 will be making a return this year.  Many people proclaimed it to be the best miles and points promotion of 2011.  Last year the offer came out during “March Madness”, and all signs point to that happening again this year.  I didn’t get in on this deal last year for many reasons, but was strongly considering jumping in this year if the offer…

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Interesting Capital One Promo: Up to 10X Points Per Dollar

This is quite an interesting points promo.  Capital One is running a promo this week that will award you more points for having a higher Klout score and for the number of other Capital One customers who enroll for this promo by using your link.  You can earn a maximum of 10 points per dollar total from the Klout score and number of people who use your link to sign up for the promo.  For those who aren’t familiar with…

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