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Save $10 on Amazon By Changing Payment Settings to a Citi Card (Targeted)

Right now is offering some lucky shoppers $10 off an eligible Amazon purchase just by changing their one-click purchase setting to a Citi issued card. I’ve gotten this bonus a number of times in the past, so when I saw the banner in my own Amazon account this morning, I was thrilled to save another $10. At first, after clicking on the link, it told me I was not eligible for the promotion. However, as soon as I changed my one-click settings…

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New Promo Code Saves on Hotels Booked Via Citi: Stacks With Using Points

It’s rare that you can combine a coupon code with using points for travel, but right now you can do just that via Citi ThankYou. Via a new offer, you can stack a promo code from Citi with using ThankYou points for a potentially great deal on a hotel stay. In the Citi ThankYou Travel Center, you can use code CITI50 to save $50 on a two-night hotel stay if you book by April 30, 2018. This is really a…

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Fly to Vail, Aspen, Long Beach and More for Fewer Miles on American!

A very, very valuable discount available to those who hold one of the American Airlines Citi or Barclays co-branded credit cards is a discount of up to 7,500 miles on saver award flights to or from select cities each month via the Reduced Mileage Awards list. This has become even more valuable than it was for a while since American has loosened up a bit on saver award availability. I write about these discounts a few times a year since the cities are…

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How to Get the Lowest Black Friday Prices Right Now

One of my daughters is already off of school for Thanksgiving Break and the other one will be arriving off of the bus at any moment, so let’s go ahead and talk about Black Friday sales. Or rather, let’s talk about why you don’t need to wait for them to start to go ahead and get what you want or need at the lowest prices of the season (while stacking up the mileage earnings, of course). You can buy now…

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Book United Flights from 7,500 Miles With New Citi ThankYou Transfer Partner LifeMiles

This week the Citi ThankYou program got a very exciting new 1:1 points transfer partner, LifeMiles. If you aren’t yet familiar with this Star Alliance program, you really need to spend at least enough time to read this post as this could be a route to booking award flights for much less than you have before. You may have heard of LifeMiles even if you have never flown on Star Alliance airline Avianca as they are a popular program in…

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Why We Turned Citi ThankYou Points Into Hilton Honors Points

Remember that time I transferred Amex Membership Reward points to Delta SkyMiles? A couple years ago I would have taken odds against me ever doing that since SkyMiles wasn’t generally thought to be a great frequent flyer program, and I had more lofty goals for my Membership Reward points than transferring to Delta for an economy domestic saver award. But, it made financial sense at the time, and I don’t regret it one bit.   Now I am in the same situation with…

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