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Chartering a Boat in Grand Cayman to Visit Stingray City

With a young child and nap schedules to contend with, we couldn’t find a stingray tour that met our needs so we chartered a boat in Grand Cayman to visit Stingray City. Here’s our experience chartering a boat from Crazy Crab to visit the stingrays, Starfish Point, and Kaibo on Grand Cayman with our family…

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My Ten Most Loved Travel Memories

In honor of Valentine’s Day, yesterday I wrote about ten places I would love to visit using my miles and points in the coming years. When you combine the realities of young family life with lofty travel goals, I know it may take more than a few years to get to all of those spots (if I ever do), but that’s okay. Half of the fun is planning and dreaming. How lucky we are that some of these travel dreams…

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10 Tips to Enjoy ICE at the Gaylord Resorts

The crown jewel of the Gaylord Resort’s holiday experience is their holiday-themed ICE exhibit that is kept at finger-numbing 9 degrees and features two million pounds of themed hand-carved ice sculptures, ice slides, and also houses approximately three million people at any given time. Kidding, of course, there are only two million people. Seriously though, ICE is a very popular attraction that is quite crowded and sells out during peak times. Enjoying the Gaylord ICE Experience to the fullest takes a bit of strategy, so after going earlier this season…

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Eight Sneak Peeks of Colorful Palm Springs

Probably like most other business travelers, when I travel to conferences or meetings, I don’t always get out of the hotel very much. For conferences like the one I was at last week, I usually don’t pick the destination or the hotel, and instead just fly in, do my job, squeeze in online work where possible, and then fly home to get back to my family as quickly as possible. My boarding pass my say I’m going somewhere cool, but…

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Five Things to Do With 24 Hours in Waikiki

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to be on the final United 747 passenger flight. That final flight flew from San Francisco to Honolulu, the same route as the first United 747 flight in the 1970’s, which was a very nice full circle moment for the aircraft and airline…and a very top notch travel destination for me. Call me unoriginal, but Hawaii is one of my very favorite spots, so even a night there isn’t too short for…

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How to Save Money on Holiday Activities at the Gaylord Texan

This year we decided to skip a year of doing our favorite holiday-themed activities in New York City in exchange for making our first trip to the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine near Dallas, Texas. For a few years I have seen magical-looking photos and videos of families enjoying the Gaylord’s indoor snow-tubing, two-million twinkling lights, snowball throwing, outdoor ice-skating, and their 9 degree multi-room ice sculpture exhibit. It looked amazing (and expensive), so if we were going to do it, it…

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