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Ten Things Families Should Know When Flying JetBlue

Some airlines just have more family-friendly policies and attitudes in their DNA than others, and JetBlue is one of those airlines that meets the needs (and wants) of traveling families more than most. Living north of Houston, I don’t get to fly them anywhere nearly as much as I would like, but when I lived in New York City, they were my go-to airline a number of times. Even though it likely won’t be convenient since they only have two…

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On The Road Again for Hybrid Family Road Trip

When my second daughter was a newborn, I did not enjoy leaving the house with her at all. She would cry the instant you put her in the car seat, and the screaming would rarely let up until you got where you were going. We had regular appointments 30 – 40 minutes away from home when she was little, and she would routinely wail the entire way, both ways. Her first international trip at a couple months old was to Mexico,…

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Chartering a Boat in Grand Cayman to Visit Stingray City

With a young child and nap schedules to contend with, we couldn’t find a stingray tour that met our needs so we chartered a boat in Grand Cayman to visit Stingray City. Here’s our experience chartering a boat from Crazy Crab to visit the stingrays, Starfish Point, and Kaibo on Grand Cayman with our family…

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Hyatt’s Worst Idea Yet: Eliminating Free Breakfast at Some Hyatt Place Hotels

Via what may be their worst idea to date, Hyatt is testing the elimination of free, hot breakfast at some Hyatt Place properties in the United States. At these properties, there is now a $10 ‘test’ charge to enjoy the assortment of hot and cold breakfast items. Here’s how to tell if the Hyatt Place in your travel plans is impacted…

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