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Save 20% on Airfare, 1,000 United Miles with eBook Purchase, and More!

Buy an eBook, Get 1,000 United Miles: Earlier this week, we announced the sale of the first two eBooks I have co-authored, Hawaii for Nearly Free and Orlando for Nearly Free.  The books are designed to give you a comprehensive A – Z guide of how to earn and use miles to cover airfare and hotels at those destinations.  The initial feedback for the eBooks has been really good, but we wanted to sweeten the pot further as a thank…

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New “Frequent Flyer Toolkit” E-Books Now Available!

Orlando for Nearly Free and Hawaii for Nearly Free

One of my Mommy Points related goals for 2014 was to write an e-book to give people a different method for reading all about travel using miles and points.  I love posting on this site where anyone can pull up any of the thousands of posts written over the past several years for free at any time, but a blog isn’t always the most straight-forward place to learn in-depth about one specific topic.  When you are trying to somewhat meet…

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New Miles and Points Tool Coming Soon

Mommy Point's Beginner's Guide to Earning Nearly Free Travel

I love writing daily blog posts about miles, points, and travel that are available for free on this site so anyone can read them at any time they want.  The downside to this method of information sharing as the site grows is that there are now more than 2,300 active posts written over a period of three and a half years.  As time goes on this total will only grow, which is great, but also presents a challenge for those…

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