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How to Update a Global Entry Account With

Several months ago we renewed my oldest daughter’s passport as its five-year shelf life was already up, but I put off updating her Global Entry account with her new passport number until yesterday…mostly because my luck with messing with the old GOES website is abysmal. However, with an impending international trip, I had to move that task to the top of the to-do list. As I learned yesterday, and you will quickly learn when you go to apply for or update…

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A Warning to Families and Couples With Global Entry

Last week when we were re-entering the United States after being out of the country, we had a less than warm and fuzzy customs and border patrol experience at LAX, even with Global Entry.  I chalked it up to bad luck and a “culture of grumpiness” at some entry points (compared to much of the rest of the world), but upon further review I think some of the details are worth a mention here as they were issues related to…

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How Kids Can Get Global Entry For Free (No Credit Cards Required)

Platinum card from American Express offers have changed. Please go here for current offer. I think that Global Entry (and Pre-Check) is such a game changer in the world of travel.  Getting back to the US after a trip just to stand in very long lines at customs can be a real downer of a way to end a vacation for anyone – add in some tired kids who are bored, don’t want to stand, need to go to the bathroom,…

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