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Appreciating the Small but Monumental Treasures on the Journey

Sometimes it isn’t the Grand Canyons, but the 80 square foot bookstores that you find on your travels that stick with you the most. Here’s a story of a tiny hidden bookstore tucked away in the upper level of the Lincoln Memorial as told by Grandma Points…

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2020 Miles for a 20/20 Vision of the Solar Eclipse

We decided about two months ago to personally witness and experience the American Total Solar Eclipse. We wanted the whole enchilada, the deluxe package of maximum totality. However, to achieve this meant travel, as the view from our front porch in southeast Texas was only going to be about 65% occlusion. We looked at the eclipse maps that highlighted the areas of our country that were in the path of totality. Some of the locations were pretty sexy and exciting and certainly…

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Taking a Day Trip Back in Time on the Grand Canyon Railway!

A look at the various cars and classes of travel on the Grand Canyon Railway day trip that takes you not only from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon, but back in time complete with shootouts, horse chases, US Marshals, guitar sing-alongs, and more…

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Death, Taxes, and Fall Foliage

This post is brought to you by Grandpa Points… There are some established and well recognized “certainties and guarantees” in life. Two of the most common are death and taxes. Here in Texas, among educators and their families, there is for sure one more. That is, upon retirement, that teachers WILL take a trip to the northeast United States to see the fall foliage. I do not know if this is a DNA preordained need or if it is written…

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My (Ryder) Cup Runneth Over + $100 Giveaway

This is a guest post from my dad, Grandpa Points. He and my mom are in their 60’s, are (mostly) retired, and are ticking off “bucket list” destinations quicker than they ever thought possible thanks to miles, points, and travel deals. They have an intense love of this country, of its National Parks and treasures, and have no problem with a clean budget hotel room and an economy airline seat on a budget airline as long as it gets them…

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The Grandma Factor

In less than a month we have a long awaited trip to London and Edinburgh coming up. This trip has been scraped in various forms and rebooked more than once over the past couple of years because of job changes, pregnancy, and brand new baby factors. I thought we finally had it all booked and squared away when an unanticipated variable entered the equation…because that’s how family travel works.  That variable is the Grandma Factor. I’m a huge advocate of multi-generational travel on…

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