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Five Family-Friendly Hiltons in the United States Bookable for 50,000 Points or Less

You can really stretch your Hilton Honors that points available from the limited-time increased Hilton Amex card offers if you stay at one of these six family-friendly Hilton properties in the United States for 50,000 points per less per night. Take those up to 125,000 bonus points and create a family getaway that is easy on your budget but high on fun…

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Applying for This Hilton Card Today Means Hawaii ‘Tomorrow’

HILTON HONORS CARD OFFERS REFERENCED HERE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE In my family we not only have multi-year travel plans, but we plan out our credit card applications pretty far in advance, too. I mean, this plan can get interrupted or re-arranged as travel goals shift, special credit card offers appear, or we find out certain cards are going away for good. However, all things being equal, we make a card application plan once or twice a year and then…

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Use Hilton Points at Ski Friendly Hotels Around the World

HILTON HONORS CARD OFFERS REFERENCED HERE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE Family ski trips are the perfect time to use miles and points to make otherwise high travel expenses somewhat manageable. Since Hilton has properties basically everywhere, you can often use your Hilton points to stay right next to some amazing ski destinations. I haven’t always given Hilton the same amount of coverage as some of the other programs, but with the new Hilton cards such as the Hilton Honors American Express…

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