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The Battle of Stuff vs. Experiences

I’m not a true minimalist who needs bare shelves and just a handful of things hanging in my closet to feel at peace, but too much ‘stuff” stresses me the heck out, and while I am firmly one who often values experiences over things, the ‘things’ seem to keep multiplying. This ‘stuff’ problem wasn’t a real issue before kids came along, but now that I have an elementary aged daughter who brings home projects, papers, books, artwork, and more on…

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A Summer at Home

Facebook is kind of tormenting me this summer. From the “three years ago today” flashbacks that show us on vacation in a place like Hawaii, Las Vegas, or Alaska on an early summer adventure, to seeing photos of friends’ families on vacation in real time, the images I’m seeing on social media look a bit different than our day to day life on this summer at home. I’ll admit I am a little jealous of the adventurous smiles in those photos, but…

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Most Valuable Aspect of Travel Right Now

I’m sure you have all heard (or said), “enjoy the time while your babies are little as it goes so fast”. Or “blink twice and they’ll be in college”. Or something along those lines. I’m sure it’s true. I know it’s true. But, it is also borderline impossible to do at times. We currently have an almost-six-year-old and a 4 1/2 month old little one in the house and time both is flying by (um, Christmas is really in three…

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Creating a Travel Themed Nursery

Most traveling families that I know love to explore the world, but they also like the safety, comfort, and routine of returning to their home…at least until that itch to again pack up the bags and head out strikes again.  I know that I love both exploration and time at home, and so it makes sense that we try to incorporate some of the travel that we love into our house.  I gave several examples of how we do this…

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The Trips of Yesterday, The Trips of Tomorrow

Last night after work we celebrated my husband’s birthday at home with a homemade chocolate and strawberry cake, his meal of choice (pizza), iced tea, a homemade card from our 5-year-old, and a small smattering of largely practical gifts like new flip flops and work shoes.  It was an affair put together with love, but it was certainly on the modest end of the spectrum as far as birthday celebrations go. We couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the…

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Review of Plated: Cooking at Home for Busy Travelers

One of the biggest challenges I have found for our traveling family is coming up with a good routine for eating healthy and exercising given our sometimes disjointed schedule of being home, then away, then home again.  We will get in a good routine at home with cooking at home, working out, etc. only to go out of town and have it all blown to shreds.  When we get back in town we are usually tired, running behind, used to…

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