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New and Expanded Airline Travel Waivers for Hurricane Harvey

They told us Hurricane Harvey was going to be devastating for the Houston area. No one wanted to believe the worst case scenarios with rain measured in feet and thousands and thousands of flooded homes and businesses, but it happened. It is still happening. I live north of Houston and still can’t believe everything that is happening. Houses are flooding to the second level in my city as they release water from the dam today.   So, I’m scattered, but…

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Airlines Offering Miles for Donations

Please forgive all the hurricane related posts around here today. For those of us here in Texas, Harvey is pretty much our entire world right now as we worry for those hit hard and wonder what else will fall from the sky closer to home, but I know for others it is not as of quite as much interest as it is for us. I promise this focus won’t last forever, but hang with me for a little longer if…

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Free Airbnb Stays for Hurricane Harvey Victims

In addition to discounted hotel rooms, the suspension of local and state hotel tax collection, and free access to camping in state parks, those impacted by Hurricane Harvey can now also access free Airbnb stays in Texas that range from utilizing a spare bed to access to an entire multi-bedroom house. The Airbnb hosts that have made their lodging available for free until September 1, 2017, get a huge thumbs up from me. Some even allow pets, which is fantastic…

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Hurricane Harvey: Hotel Taxes Suspended and Free Places to Camp

As I am sure you have seen, Hurricane Harvey has come on shore in Texas and totally nailed part of the coast. If you want to see something crazy, watch the live streams from the hurricane hunters that were in the eyewall in Rockport. That is a job I think I will pass on…permanently. Yesterday I shared some hotels that were offering discounted rates to hurricane evacuees, though I bet some of those are full by now. However, if you…

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