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The Secret Life of Mommy Points

Curious about all the deep, dark secrets about Mommy Points?  Then check out the post that Million Mile Secrets has up today.  Daraius at Millions Mile Secrets was nice enough to do an interview with me and share it on his site.  There aren’t really any deep, dark secrets, but still some fun info if you want more information about Mommy Points! Thanks Daraius for a fun interview and for helping spread the word about “Giving your family the world…

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It’s all about whose booty’s in the seat

One of our friends is about to fly roughly 16,000 miles round-trip for work. As most of us would be, he is pretty new to having work trips that involve that amount of long-haul travel. When I heard about his trip I immediately asked him if he was all set up to get all the miles for his trip. I sounded crazy, as always. Despite my crazy sounding question, he told me that he wasn’t getting the miles because he…

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Why Mommy Points?

In my spare time (what exactly is spare time?) I love reading blogs. I love the peek into another person’s world. It’s kind of like going for a walk around your neighborhood just as the day is turning into night and you peer inside the windows of all the other houses as you stroll by. You don’t get to see the full happenings of their world, but you see a snipit. That snipit may remind you of what happens in…

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