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2020 Miles for a 20/20 Vision of the Solar Eclipse

We decided about two months ago to personally witness and experience the American Total Solar Eclipse. We wanted the whole enchilada, the deluxe package of maximum totality. However, to achieve this meant travel, as the view from our front porch in southeast Texas was only going to be about 65% occlusion. We looked at the eclipse maps that highlighted the areas of our country that were in the path of totality. Some of the locations were pretty sexy and exciting and certainly…

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Traveling to the Total Solar Eclipse for Just $100 + Points

A couple years ago I started to hear about some happenings on August 21, 2017. By now you have probably heard of that date yourself as it is the date of the “Great American Eclipse” where many cities along a path across the country will get to experience 2+ minutes of a total solar eclipse. A couple years ago some friends of mine in the travel world were already starting to try and secure hotels on points in obscure sounding…

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