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Seven Free Kid’s Clubs to Check Out at Points Hotels in 2018

From Cancun to Costa Rica to Bali to Maui and beyond, here are seven free (or almost free) kid’s clubs to check out in 2018 at hotels where you can use your points to book your stay, and then take advantage of the free kid’s clubs to mix in a few hours of true relaxation…

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Free Kid’s Club at the Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica

For me, the best type of vacation is often one that provides a nice mix of both family time and adult time. Adults-only trips are great on occasion and trips that are nothing but family time 24/7 can also be great, but after a few days of either extreme, you can yearn for a little bit of balance. Whether you accomplish this balance by bringing grandparents, a nanny or babysitter from home, using a resort kid’s club, or hiring a local…

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Five Free Kids Clubs at Points Friendly Hotels!

Family travel can create lasting shared memories and provide the platform not only for fun, but for bonds to grow even stronger, but I warn against confusing the term ‘family trip’ with ‘vacation’. Very often after a family trip you may feel like you actually really need a vacation as sleeping in and sitting back by the pool with a mai tai in hand may not happen when you are traveling with little kids. With two young girls along for the ride,…

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