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Virgin Atlantic Makes Major Improvements to Lap Infant Award Pricing

Flying internationally with a lap infant can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, even if you are flying on miles. However, a handful of programs make it much more affordable to fly with your baby by charging a fixed number of miles when the adult is on an award ticket. Recently, Virgin Atlantic has returned to being one of those baby-friendly airlines, and things may get even better in the near term…

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Three Economy Seats or Two First Class Seats with an Infant?

I get questions regularly about what type of seating arrangement is most comfortable and practical for a traveling family with a child under two who does not yet require their own seat.  I received this question again this week and thought I would share the situation and my suggestions in case they are helpful for anyone else thinking through a similar situation.  Of course, I’m most interested in hearing what your family would do – and why! The family who…

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Guide to Booking Award Travel With Lap Infants

Lap child tickets are one of the least understood aspects of travel reservations. The basic information on lap child policies is missing or difficult to find on airline web sites, and airline staff are frequently ignorant of their own rules, not to mention those of the partner carriers that they may be issuing tickets for. Yet for families traveling on paid or award tickets in premium cabins, the cost of purchasing a infant ticket can add up to hundreds of…

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