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New Starwood Preferred Guest Amex Welcome Bonuses Released

I tried to give a warning about the likely coming end of the SPG Amex cards and bonuses as we knew them yesterday, and unfortunately, some major changes arrived very shortly thereafter last night. Signaling at least a temporary end of a long-standing era, the SPG personal and business American Express cards have stopped awarding SPG points as a welcome bonus, and instead are currently only offering statement credits. New Welcome Bonuses for the SPG Amex Cards The welcome bonuses…

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Eight Features of the Combined Starwood and Marriott Program You May Have Missed

A couple of days ago we got to open a huge trove of information about what comes next as the Marriott and Starwood programs become one. It was such a trove of information that it is impossible to digest every single nuance and situation in one sitting. You can view my take on many of the details in the Marriott and Starwood announcement here, but today I want to zero in one a few details that may have been missed in…

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New Promo: Earn Double Points or Miles from United and Marriott Cards

The United MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards loyalty programs have a relationship called RewardsPlus where you can enjoy reciprocal elite benefits, transfer miles/points back and forth at fair ratios, and more. Now they are highlighting their relationship and even taking it a step further with a promotion that will award double miles and points on the Marriott and United co-branded Chase cards when you use them to make purchases with the opposite business. This means the United credit cards will award…

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Summary of the 2018 Marriott Rewards Category Changes

Earlier today I shared a rundown of the Starwood Preferred Guest 2018 award chart changes that families need to know, and (unfortunately) now it is time to do the same with the Marriott Rewards side of things. Just like with Starwood, on March 6, 2018, the Marriott Rewards annual category changes will take effect. They are not changing the number of points required per category, but they are moving a bunch of properties around within those categories. This year, 74%…

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