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Talking Affordable European Summer Travel with Fox News

This morning I did something a little out of my ordinary routine…I had on real clothes, hair fixed, and (lots of) make-up all before 9AM.  I know that is more or less normal for most people, and used to be for me, but now for this pregnant-work-from-home-mom-blogger that is a serious deviation from the norm.  Now that level of dressed and ready means there must have been a pretty special event to get to, which this time happened to be…

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Mommy Points on Good Day Chicago!

Since starting this site, the #1 goal has been to spread the word that families can (and should) at least dabble in the world of miles and points in order to both bring kids closer to their relatives, as well as give them a chance to “see the world” without breaking the bank.  This morning I had a really unique opportunity to be on the “Good Day Chicago” morning show for a couple minutes in order to give other families…

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Last Minute Summer Trip Ideas

About a month ago I wrote an article for the Travel Channel on some ideas for last minute family trips before school started back up.  The article is now live, but unfortunately there isn’t too much time for most folks to put the tips into action before school actually starts (especially here in the South where school is starting for many places on Monday).  However, if you aren’t tied to a school calendar, then the ideas may still help.  If…

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Look – Someone Else Believes Families Can Travel Free, Too!

While at the Frequent Traveler University a couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out with David Code from the Huffington Post.  You could say that I was interviewed by him, but it really is more accurate to say that we hung out off and on throughout the weekend.  While he was interviewing various bloggers there for an article he was working on (no, he was not exposing deep dark secrets of miles and points), he is also…

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