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A Day in the Life of a Mileage Run

I posted earlier about how I explained the concept of a mileage run to a three year old….when talking to her I left out details like cents per mile, elite qualifying miles, etc. but she understood the payoff of why you do it.  You do it to get to a certain threshold of flying in a calendar year that will (hopefully) pay out in real benefits.  In her mind, we did it so we can get “seats that turn into…

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How to Explain a Mileage Run to a Three Year Old

Explaining things to three year olds is really pretty fun.  They are beautifully (mostly) innocent, literal, and inquisitive, so you have to be pretty clear when you explain things.  Usually I am trying to explain simple things like why you can leave your body on Earth when you go to Heaven, why daddy buys donuts even if they aren’t healthy, and why you have to be nice to someone even if they are mean and you don’t like them.  However,…

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Mileage Runs are (Not) Crazy

In a post yesterday I mentioned that I was on a one-night trip to Seattle as part of a quasi-mileage run, and in the comments section there were a few questions that were generally asking why I would do a mileage run and/or why would I go to a city for just a night. Now I fully understand that within the world at large something like a mileage run or one-night trip is uncommon and sounds insane. However, within the…

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