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Remember to Redeem Your MyPoints Rewards

One of the very best deals of 2012 was the short-lived promo with OpenSky that resulted in 150 points per dollar for some high end purchases up to $500.  This resulted in being able to redeem points for gift cards totaling more than what was spent on the merchandise.  In an amazing twist, it turns out that new MyPoints members actually earned double points for a whooping 300 points per dollar.  That easily meant that a $500 purchase resulted…

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My MyPoints/OpenSky Points Finally Posted

In September there was a very limited time deal where you could earn 150 MyPoints per dollar spent on OpenSky purchases.  This was a too good to pass up deal that kinda seemed too good to be true.  However, it was true and I jumped in and spent the maximum $500 on overpriced fancy goods that I had been wanting, but would probably never have pulled the trigger on.  I got some nice knives, a fancy scale, and a Le…

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“Tracking Issue” For MyPoints/OpenSky Orders Requires Follow-up

This morning I read Frequent Miler’s post about the 150 points per dollar deal from MyPoints and OpenSky and decided it was also time for me to follow up since it had been 30 days and my points had not yet posted either.  I went straight to the MyPoints Facebook page and saw the following message: As many of you are aware, there has been a tracking issue for the September OpenSky offer and some members may not have received…

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Things Still Looking Good for MyPoints 150 Points Per Dollar Deal

Last month there was a very limited time offer where was offering 150 points per dollar for those who went through their site to shop at Open Sky has lots of fancy and pricey items that looked pretty cool, but that I normally probably wouldn’t purchase due to the cost. However at 150 MyPoints per dollar, I pulled the trigger since the gift certificates I would earn in exchange for the purchases were worth more than the purchases…

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