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Essential Tips When Using Airline Miles to Visit DC Cherry Blossoms

The Washington DC cherry blossoms are a sight to see, but flying in to see them at the right time isn’t easy given how variable nature of weather conditions and bloom dates. The peak bloom forecast can change dramatically resulting in hundreds of dollars wasted on change fees if you aren’t careful. To avoid that happening to you, here are some essential tips for using airline miles to visit the DC cherry blossoms…

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Planning a Trip to the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Based on Averages and Guessing

Planning a trip to see the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms when they are in peak bloom requires knowledge, skill, planning, and most of all, luck. Follow along as Grandpa Points rolls the dice at planning a trip during the best viewing dates, craps out, and then rolls again…

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Children’s Passports Getting Pricier on April 2nd

One month from today, it will get pricier to get several United States passports, including US passports for children. On April 2, 2018, the passport execution fee will increase from $25 to $35. This fee makes up just one component of the total cost of a passport, but it impacts child applicants the most because the fee applies to in-person applications at passport acceptance facilities such as post offices, public libraries, and court clerks. While many adults can renew by…

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