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Planning a Trip to the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Based on Averages and Guessing

Planning a trip to see the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms when they are in peak bloom requires knowledge, skill, planning, and most of all, luck. Follow along as Grandpa Points rolls the dice at planning a trip during the best viewing dates, craps out, and then rolls again…

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Children’s Passports Getting Pricier on April 2nd

One month from today, it will get pricier to get several United States passports, including US passports for children. On April 2, 2018, the passport execution fee will increase from $25 to $35. This fee makes up just one component of the total cost of a passport, but it impacts child applicants the most because the fee applies to in-person applications at passport acceptance facilities such as post offices, public libraries, and court clerks. While many adults can renew by…

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How Much Extra is a Nonstop Flight Worth?

Very soon I’m taking off on an annual(ish) trip with just my oldest daughter. We are going to ski, order room service, watch movies, swim, and spend time together the way we did before our lovely second daughter joined the family. Worry not for the littlest, she will be getting some good one on one time with Dad and my parents…AKA she will be spoiled to high heaven.   To book our flights to Colorado at the lowest saver award level,…

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Ten Places Around the World That I Would Love to Visit

I don’t plan to write a big heart-drenched article about the 8 most romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day (though I guess kind of did already for, but I do think the ‘Day of Love’ is good inspiration to talk about a few places that I would love to visit in the coming years. The world is big, schedules are tight, and like most parents, I don’t frequently get to just hop on a jet and explore somewhere new for…

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The 9 SPG Trips for 2019 You Need to Book Today

We learned earlier this week that the SPG program is making some changes to their award program in the near term. As they do every year, they will be moving some properties up or down the award chart effective on March 6, 2018, but there is another big change that will take place even sooner. Beginning very soon (as in tomorrow), February 11, 2018, Starwood will change their booking window from up to 550 days to just 350 days to…

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