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5 Fun Things for Families to Do in Westerly, Rhode Island

I have a really bad habit of going somewhere for too short a period of time, but we are working toward reversing that trend slowly but surely. We recently stayed a full week in Westerly, Rhode Island, and I honestly cannot think of the last time I went anywhere for a full week and had the chance to so fully relax. While my favorite activities were just relaxing and hanging out with family, we did leave our cottages a bit…

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A Budget Family Trip to Westerly, Rhode Island

My daughters only have two first cousins, and they happen to live many states away in Connecticut. While they have several second cousins that we absolutely adore and we sort of pretend are first cousins, at the end of the day, we make it a priority our girls together with their two Connecticut cousins at least twice a year. Our girls also happen to be their only first cousins, so that helps keep this gathering high on the priority list for…

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