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Success: Booking Business Class Awards to Europe for 88,000 Miles Round Trip

Think that business class award tickets to Europe are astronomically expensive? If you are booking via ANA on a Star Alliance carrier then think again as it can be done for just 88,000 miles per round trip by transferring your Amex Membership Reward points to ANA to fly on United, SAS, Turkish, and more…

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Use Miles to Make the SAS Kids Fly “Free” Offer Even Better

There are just a couple days left to get in on one of the coolest deals in international family travel where one adult can bring up to 8 children aged 11 years old or younger to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland with them on SAS for free, other than the cost of taxes! I wrote about this deal already, but before it ends on October 5th, I want to highlight a way to make this a potentially even better deal by…

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Return of the Amazing SAS “Kids Fly Free” to Scandinavia Promo!

One of the coolest deals in international family travel is back this year, and it allows one adult to bring up to 8 children 11 years old or younger to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland along with them on SAS for free other than the cost of taxes!   To get in on this deal you have to book by October 5, 2017, and the valid travel dates are between November 1 – December 19, 2017, and January 8 –…

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Kids Fly Free on SAS to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and More!

Families can easily suffer from serious sticker shock when booking airline tickets since you have to multiply the going fare by 3, or 4, or 5, or even 8 depending on how many are in your family. Gulp.   However, via a very cool promotion, SAS is offering children through age 11 free tickets to from the United States to Scandinavia and Finland for travel from February 7 – April 9, 2017, as long as tickets are booked by January 23,…

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Fly LAX to Sweden for Spring Break for $88!

Cheap airfares can be even better than using miles since they don’t require advance planning and anyone with a credit card and a few bucks can jump in and take advantage. Right now there are crazy low priced flights from Los Angeles to Stockholm, Sweden, on SAS. This isn’t an “oops” fare either, but an actual legitimate sale, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will be honored. I would use Google Flights or similar to quickly spot…

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Discounted Award Tickets for Children

Yesterday I got an email from a reader who was excited that he discovered that Lufthansa offered a 25% discount on award tickets booked for children who are ages 2-11 (ie under 12).  He asked if I knew of other programs that offer a similar discount on award tickets for children.  While I had heard of a few (non-US) airlines that offered such a discount, I admittedly had yet to really do much research on the topic.  However, it was…

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