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Mommy Points Shirt Winners!

Thanks to all of those who took the time to share their “sleepless while on family trips” stories a couple weeks ago.  No doubt that unusual sleeping situations and smaller living spaces can sometimes make for a bit less sleep than normal while traveling with the family.  We randomly selected five of the stories shared as the “winners” (er, losers of sleep!), and those winners will be getting their own Mommy Points shirt that they are welcome to use while…

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More Free Mommy Points T-Shirts! (all gone)

Update: I closed the comments as all are spoken for for now.  If you got your comment in, we will be sure to get one to you.  Stay tuned for more shirt giveaways in the near future! We are so excited that some people want to wear our Mommy Points t-shirts on their adventures near and far!  In fact, we are so excited that we have dedicated a page on our website to chronicle all the photos we receive. We…

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A Free Mommy Points Shirt Will Make You Happier! (All Gone for Now)

Update: Holy smokes, I stepped away for a second thinking only a couple people would want one anyway, and we’ve quickly passed by the 25 I planned to initially give away.  Happy to accommodate all that have asked so far (through comment #46), but will then put a halt on as I need to get all those shipped out before sending out more.  You guys rock, and if you missed out this time I promise there will be more chances…

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