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Save Money on Travel By Renting Timeshare Weeks

Occasionally I like to bring in some guest writers who can share a bit about their area of travel expertise. Today David from The Timeshare Guru has offered to share some of his words of wisdom about leveraging timeshare rentals to make traveling with children a bit more comfortable while still keeping costs as low as possible. He is a father of two little ones so he knows first hand about some of the special challenges traveling families can face!…

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Taking a Disney Vacation Club Tour for Extra FastPasses and Gift Cards!

Apologies to those who couldn’t care less about Disney related topics, but we are at Disney right now so I kind of have Disney on the brain, and on my shoes, and in my stomach, and pretty much everywhere else. Before our trip I knew a bit about the opportunity to take a Disney Vacation Club (timeshare) tour in exchange for a $50 Disney gift card and three additional “anytime use” FastPasses for each member of our party. I didn’t…

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Guest Post: Timeshare Rental Tips for Families

With some regularity I get comments or emails related to time shares and how they are a great option for families.  I have a small family of three, so we fit pretty well in a hotel room, but I absolutely think that timeshare rentals can be great options in some situations…it’s just not something I can speak to personally with a lot of experience.  However, I was contacted by a reader who does have experience in time shares and was…

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