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Best Western and TopGuest Are Breaking Up

I just received an email that Best Western and TopGuest will be “breaking up” as of June 30th.  I posted a few days ago that United and TopGuest no longer have an active relationship, and it seems that some other partners are on their way out as well.  With the most recent info that Best Western was no longer going to be a partner, I just have to wonder what the future holds for TopGuest.  It was a great easy…

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TopGuest Not Awarding United Miles…….at least not right now

I love free miles, and I especially love valuable free United miles.  With, I can get free and easy United miles on a regular basis when I “check in” at the airport.  Up until last week, I would check-in to the airport on FourSquare (after I registered with TopGuest), within a minute I would get an email from TopGuest saying I just earned 50 United miles (and often some hotel points as well), then within a few days those…

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