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Taking a Day Trip Back in Time on the Grand Canyon Railway!

A look at the various cars and classes of travel on the Grand Canyon Railway day trip that takes you not only from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon, but back in time complete with shootouts, horse chases, US Marshals, guitar sing-alongs, and more…

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Taking the Train from London to Edinburgh

After flying over the ocean in British Airways business class, spending a few great days in London at the Hyatt Regency Churchill, playing in Hyde Park, taking the tour inside Buckingham Palace, eating in the Disney Cafe at Harrods, and more, we headed to King’s Cross Station to catch our train to Scotland. It was really a toss-up from a price standpoint between flying or taking the train from London to Edinburgh, but we opted for the train to eliminate some of the stress…

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How to Save Money on the Heathrow Express Train to London

Using miles, points, and hotel deals to get to and stay in the United Kingdom for our upcoming trip was only the beginning of the process. Since we don’t plan to just sit in our hotel room once we arrive, we also needed to do some research and planning for how to get out around once we arrive without breaking the bank.   If you are flying into London Heathrow, as we are, one of the first ground transportation decisions you will…

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Taking the Train in Spain: Madrid to Barcelona

During our recent trip to Spain we knew we wanted to see more than one city, but we didn’t have the luxury of time to see much more than that.  After some thought we decided on the two iconic cities of Madrid and Barcelona.  We booked flights into Madrid, and via an open-jaw, out of Barcelona back to the United States.  If you are going to explore different cities on your travel I recommend trying to fly into one city…

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