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Air France Offers Baby Comfort Kits, Magic Tricks, and Teddy Bear Tags

Within the United States, it is pretty much unheard of for airlines to give children much of anything extra beyond some plastic airplane wings while onboard the flight. However, that is not the case in other countries where some airlines cater much more to flying families. Air France has been up to some pretty family-friendly (and adorable) enhancements that include Teddy Bear Tags so your child’s favorite stuffy won’t end up lost and forgotten, a new “comfort kit” for babies,…

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Seven Free Kid’s Clubs to Check Out at Points Hotels in 2018

From Cancun to Costa Rica to Bali to Maui and beyond, here are seven free (or almost free) kid’s clubs to check out in 2018 at hotels where you can use your points to book your stay, and then take advantage of the free kid’s clubs to mix in a few hours of true relaxation…

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Quick Family Travel Tip: When to Have Your Kids Pull Their Own Bags

There’s no one trick to making flying with a family easy, but there is a network of tips, tricks, and strategies that work together to make it as smooth as possible. One strategy we have used for years, and that seems to have really paid off, is to get our little ones pulling their own bags as early as possible.   We occasionally get some strange looks as our little toddlers haul their own bags around the airport, but the…

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Virgin Atlantic Makes Major Improvements to Lap Infant Award Pricing

Flying internationally with a lap infant can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, even if you are flying on miles. However, a handful of programs make it much more affordable to fly with your baby by charging a fixed number of miles when the adult is on an award ticket. Recently, Virgin Atlantic has returned to being one of those baby-friendly airlines, and things may get even better in the near term…

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Mom’s Breast Milk Missing from Checked Bag

When everything works as it should, nursing your baby can be special, healthy, simple, and mutually beneficial, but it gets very tiring and very complicated quickly when modern day life intercedes. If you, your partner, or a close member of your circle hasn’t yet nursed a little one for a period of time, I doubt I can adequately describe how much of a challenge it can be when what is an evolutionary biological norm hits 2018 working parent life. I…

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Final Free Flight as a Two Year Old Costs a Family Hundreds of Dollars

Most family travelers probably know that the second birthday is one that is met with cheers and celebration, but also perhaps a small tear as it is the line of demarcation between being able to fly for free as a lap baby and having to buy a full blown seat. The United States-based airlines require you to purchase a seat for your child as soon as they turn two even if that means that they potentially flew for free on…

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