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Tips for Flying a Dog as Cargo

Almost a year ago we lost our family dog, and my 15 year companion, to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Because the last few months we had together were so taxing as her body failed her, and the reality that I had simultaneously had a newborn with her own set of hurdles, we decided to take some time off from being dog parents after her departure. This was a logical and sound decision, but not one that my six…

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Tips When Traveling With an Old Dog

This is a blog devoted in large part to family travel, and for some (like us) a dog is part of our family. Dogs who are members of traveling families are very much impacted by the human’s travel, whether they come along for the ride, or are left behind at home or in boarding. I’ve been lucky enough to have an awesome siberian husky be a part of my family since 2001. She was a rescue from an animal shelter…

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