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A Budget Family Trip to Westerly, Rhode Island

My daughters only have two first cousins, and they happen to live many states away in Connecticut. While they have several second cousins that we absolutely adore and we sort of pretend are first cousins, at the end of the day, we make it a priority our girls together with their two Connecticut cousins at least twice a year. Our girls also happen to be their only first cousins, so that helps keep this gathering high on the priority list for…

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Renting a Vacation House Instead of Using Points for Hotel Rooms

For my little family of three getting a hotel room on trips is almost always sufficient in terms of space, and sometimes we are even lucky enough to find our way into a suite so we can spread out even further.  However, more and more we have been looking at trips that involve multiple families because once kids get a certain age, it it just more fun (and in some ways easier) to stay together and let them play.  Let’s…

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Hotel Room Too Small? Just Rent a Whole House!

Each year my cousins and I have been trying to do a big family trip each summer in order for our children to stay connected to each other (as well as just all have fun as adults).  As I’m sure you can imagine, it isn’t always easy coordinating schedules, budgets, and desires for multiple busy families, but we have succeeded for a couple years running now and hope to do it more in the future.  While I am a hotel…

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Outer Banks House Review and Trip Report (Part 2)

At the end of August my daughter and I headed from Texas to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. My husband didn’t have any vacation days to spare, so he stayed behind, and the toddler and I made the journey together. You can read about that adventure in Part 1. Suffice to say we were very happy when we arrived to our beach home for the next few days! We met up with two of my cousins, their spouses and…

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Traveling (Alone) to the Outer Banks With a Two Year Old: Part One

It feels a little funny writing about our late August beach trip to the Outer Banks now that it is finally cool enough to wear some of my comfy sweaters, but since it is actually a pretty good time to start planning beach trips for next summer, I’m going to share some about our adventure to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Growing up, I always looked forward to time with my cousins, and now that three of us have…

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From Montreal to Upstate New York!

After a few days in Montreal (Post 1 and Post 2), we headed by car to a big house that my husband’s family had rented on the western shore of Lake Champlain right outside of Plattsburgh, NY. What was fantastic was getting several days together with family. What was terrifying was getting several days together with family. We weren’t quite sure how several days of non-stop extended family excitement would go, but we did know that the house we were…

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