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Crazy BOGO Deal at 50 Conrad and Waldorf Astoria Properties!

Almost too good to be true travel deals don’t come along very frequently, and when they do they usually don’t last long since the internet is great at sharing information, but that can lead to overwhelming deals that might be surprised to have attracted that much attention. This deal may end up falling in that category, but for now it can be an extremely good deal if you are in the market for one of the over 50 Conrad, Waldorf Astoria,…

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$15 in “Free Money” Via Some Club Carlson Cards

I love when my rewards credit cards deliver unexpected freebies, and this week it was the (recently ignored) Club Carlson Visa Signature that dropped $15 worth of freebies in my inbox. This is a targeted offer, so I can’t guarantee you will be able to use it even if you have the Club Carlson card, but it is worth a quick look as my mom and I went 2/2 in having the offer from our respective Club Carlson Cards. Check…

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How to Get Free GoGo Inflight WiFi Passes

Rewards credit cards often can do much more for you than just earn you miles and points.  They can protect your purchases, your travel plans, and make your travel experience easier and more affordable.  Yesterday I saw a tweet from Rene’s Points about how the US Bank FlexPerks card now provides twelve annual GoGo Inflight WiFi passes!  That is pretty huge since inflight GoGo can go for $5 for one hour of access or $16 for the full day of…

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Luxury Hotels Available for Under $175: Free Breakfast Included!

For the last couple of months I have been working with Visa Signature to get the word out about their Luxury Hotel Collection program available to Visa Signature cardholders.  My goal is not just to get the word out that this program exists, but to really try to explain how a program with the word “luxury” in it can actually be something that saves you money and adds value to your paid hotel stays. To clarify, this is not something…

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How to Get Free Hotel Breakfast, Upgrades, and More with Visa Signature

If you read this site you probably already know that top tier hotel elite status can get you things like upgrades, free breakfast, late-check out, and more.  However, unless you travel quite a bit per year, or are able to put large amounts of spending on some co-branded hotel credit cards, the upper tier hotel elite status levels that get you those really good perks are probably out of reach for most of us. However, you can still get free…

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Putting Visa Signature Benefits to Use at the St. Regis Houston

My husband and I have never been a big “Valentine’s Day” couple.  I mean, flowers are much cheaper after Valentine’s Day, romance-on-cue isn’t our style, and it’s generally much easier to have a quiet nice evening out almost any other day of the year rather than February 14th.  However, since we have been traveling much less the last few months, and with Baby #2 on the way, we decided to sneak out for a night away in Houston (just the…

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