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Appreciating the Small but Monumental Treasures on the Journey

Sometimes it isn’t the Grand Canyons, but the 80 square foot bookstores that you find on your travels that stick with you the most. Here’s a story of a tiny hidden bookstore tucked away in the upper level of the Lincoln Memorial as told by Grandma Points…

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Essential Tips When Using Airline Miles to Visit DC Cherry Blossoms

The Washington DC cherry blossoms are a sight to see, but flying in to see them at the right time isn’t easy given how variable nature of weather conditions and bloom dates. The peak bloom forecast can change dramatically resulting in hundreds of dollars wasted on change fees if you aren’t careful. To avoid that happening to you, here are some essential tips for using airline miles to visit the DC cherry blossoms…

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Planning a Trip to the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Based on Averages and Guessing

Planning a trip to see the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms when they are in peak bloom requires knowledge, skill, planning, and most of all, luck. Follow along as Grandpa Points rolls the dice at planning a trip during the best viewing dates, craps out, and then rolls again…

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When a Favorite Loyalty Program Makes Everything Too Hard

Those who are not ‘into’ miles, points, credit card rewards, and loyalty programs often are not in the game not because they don’t want to travel more for less, but because they have the perception or experience that either it is all too complicated and time-consuming, or it is basically one big load of pooey where you can never really redeem what you want when you want. While we all know this isn’t always true, I hate when a program…

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Not Too Late to Use Points to Stay in DC This Weekend

As I am sure everyone knows, the 45th President of the United States will be sworn in tomorrow in Washington DC. No doubt, an inauguration is a big event for DC every four years. It is certainly a time when you could expect hotel rates to be well above their normal thresholds due to high demand from those wanting to attend the inauguration, those who work supporting the inauguration behind the scenes, or even those peacefully protesting. I am always fascinated by…

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Chasing the High of Scoring a Great Travel Deal

I like travel deals, miles, points, etc. primarily because I like to travel and that is a way to make it more comfortably fit in my budget. However, the rush you get when you pull the trigger on a killer deal can be pretty epic all by itself. The adrenaline that seeps through your veins when you book an unexpected trip because the price was right, or the bubbling anticipation of what is to come when you board the plane and…

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