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Black Friday Starts Now With $99 Flights to Iceland and Beyond

Purple Friday is the new Black Friday if you ask WOW air, and it starts today, on a Monday. To celebrate “Purple Friday”, Wow air says that they have made $99 tickets available from Boston, Pittsburgh, and Chicago to Reykjavik, Amsterdam, London, and Dublin from December 2017 – May 2018. They are also reportedly offering $129.99 tickets from Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to those same European destinations. I am a couple hours behind the curve here so perhaps they…

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Fly to Europe for Just $69 on WOW Air

If you have been thinking about getting one of those really cheap flights to Europe but haven’t pulled the trigger, fear not because you haven’t missed your chance. Now WOW air is offering $69 one-way fares from six United States cities to eight European cities…because $99 one-way just isn’t cheap enough!   There is a little bit of a catch in that to get the cheapest $69 outbound flight, you also have to book a return flight. The returns I checked…

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Act Fast: Fly to Europe This Summer for Just $55!

To celebrate their fifth birthday, WOW Air is offering one-way tickets to Europe via a connection in Iceland for just $55 from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami! WOW Air is pretty much like the Spirit Airlines of the TransAtlantic network, so you have to pay extra for everything, but at $55 per ticket, that is still a heck of a deal for the right traveler!   Note that these tickets are going very quickly and travel dates are very limited, but there…

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WOW Air Slashes Free Carry On Bag Allowance

I love the idea of flying to Iceland or Europe for $69 – $99 via one of the crazy WOW discounted airfare sales, but since WOW is a low cost carrier, you have to take into account that pretty much everything will cost you extra on top of that base fee to fly. That isn’t new information, but what is new information is that with that base fare you no longer get a free personal item and a small carry-on, now…

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Yes, You Can Really Fly to Europe for Just $69!

You may have seen headlines this week about flying to Europe for just $69, and in the age of “too good to be true” headlines, you may have justifiably doubted if that was really possible. You may have thought that there must be a huge catch, or you have to use tens of thousands of points or miles along with the $69, or there is only one ticket available at that price, or something. Yes, You Can Fly to Europe…

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