How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points

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I’ve recently gotten several inquiries on how to combine and transfer Chase Ultimate Reward points to hotel and airline partners as well as transfer them to other Ultimate Rewards accounts.  There are actually a few circumstances where combining points is possible, and I’m more than happy to go over the steps of how to get that done, as well as how to transfer the points to hotel and airline partners such as United, Hyatt, Singapore, and more.  Transferring to hotel and airline partners is how I get the most value out of my Ultimate Reward points.

How to Combine Chase Ultimate Reward Points

Before we get into the how-to’s of combining Ultimate Reward points with others, let’s cover the situations where it is permissible according to the terms and conditions.  You are permitted to move your Ultimate Reward points to another Ultimate Rewards card account belonging to you, your spouse, or your domestic partner.  On the business cards you are also permitted to transfer or combine points with a or your joint business owner.  If you venture beyond just transferring or combing points in those circumstances you risk Chase closing your credit card account and losing your points, so don’t do it.

To combine points simply log into your online Ultimate Rewards account and click on your points balance.  There will be an option in the drop down to “Combine Points” as shown below.

Combine Ultimate Reward Points

There you will have the opportunity to move your points to another Ultimate Rewards account you have, or to transfer to your spouse, domestic partner, or joint business owner.  You will need their full credit card account number in order to complete that transaction.

How to Combine Ultimate Reward Points

You might want to use this combine points feature in order to move Ultimate Reward points from cards like the Ink Cash® Business Card or Chase Freedom to cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Ink Plus so that they can be transferred to hotel and airline partners instead of just used at a fixed value of one cent = one point for travel, gift cards, or statement credits.  I love that only one spouse/partner needs to have a premium card like the Sapphire Preferred in order for both persons to be able to benefit from the transferability of Ultimate Reward points.

How to Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points:

Once you have the Ultimate Reward points in a type of Ultimate Rewards account that allows transfer to hotel and airline partners the (Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus or Ink Bold cards) you can proceed with transferring the points to one of the following partners:

British Airways, Korean Air SKYPASS, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Southwest Rapid Rewards, United MileagePlus, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, Hyatt Gold Passport, IHG Rewards Club, Marriott Rewards, Ritz Carlton Rewards, and Amtrak Guest Rewards.

Again from your Ultimate Rewards online account you will have the ability to transfer Ultimate Reward points to a partner by navigating to “Use Points” then select “Transfer to Travel Partners”.

How to Transfer Ultimate Reward Points

If you have transferred to a particular partner before it will be saved in your account.  If you want to transfer to a program for the first time you will need to enter the member name and frequent flyer/hotel loyalty number.  You will also have to verify that the transfer is going to either yourself or your spouse/domestic partner’s account.

Many, but not all, of the transfers to partners happen instantaneously.  All are typically completed within a few business days at most.  Some examples or partners that have always been instant transfers for me include United, Hyatt, and British Airways.  I have had delays with Singapore and IHG.

Transferring points to hotel and airline partners is a one-way transfer, so be sure you want to make the transfer before doing so as it is not reversible.  My family often gets much more value out of our Ultimate Reward points by transferring to hotel and airline partners and leveraging award chart sweet spots than we would using the points at a fixed value toward travel, gift cards, or statement credits.

If you have any questions about transferring or combining Ultimate Reward points feel free to ask away and I’ll do my best to get your questions answered!

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  1. Hey Summer – I tried to play with our UR accounts this morning – what I noticed is that is that 1) I cannot seem to transfer my UR points from my Ink Cash card to my regular personal cards (I tried freedom and CSP), and 2) cannot easily add my husband’s account as a spouse (Tried to transfer points from my Ink Cash to Husband’s CSP but there is an error) But I was able to transfer my UR points from the Freedom to Ink Plus.

    I am a bit concerned about that since I wanted to cancel my Ink Plus later this summer after I use up all the points and I have Ink Cash now, but if the points transfers are difficult between business accounts/personal accounts and spouse’s, I am not sure we can just have my husband’s CSP account active. Any insights to that?

    • Moon, not sure why it was too difficult in your case specifically. Worst case you can always call Chase and have them help you with the transfer if the website is giving you attitude. I know with some business and personal account you have to have chase combine them if you want super easy transfers.

    • If I’m not mistaken, you cannot transfer points from a business account to a personal account. You can only transfer points from a personal account to a business account or to another personal account. That seems to be the problem you are having. You could transfer points from your freedom to your ink, but you cannot transfer points from your ink to your sapphire.

  2. My husband and I both have the Sapphire Preferred and I also have the Freedom card. I’m thinking that it doesn’t make any sense for us both to pay the annual fee on the Sapphire Preferred. Does it matter which one of us closes the Sapphire Preferred? In other words since we can transfer our Ultimate Rewards points to each other, if I have the Freedom and he has the Sapphire Preferred would it be the same as if I kept both cards and he has none?

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